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Thursday, October 20, 2011

EstimatorXpress v.8 makes the estimating process fast and error free

EstimatorXpress v.8 is an exclusive estimating software that produces professional estimate with incomparable estimating speed and accuracy.

The software is ideal for builders building works as the builders can apply the software for estimating anything from new builds and extensions to renovations, conversions and smaller works.

The users will be able to link to 1000+ live material/merchant prices (along with trade discounts) with the HBXL Price Tracker™ database.

The users can also print off detailed reports and professional quotes to enhance the win rate.

With the help of numerous in-built rapid estimating calculators, EstimatorXpress will reduce the estimating time by more than half and cost & compute all materials, labour and plant to save hours of time.

The users can easily put in dimensions and quantities into on-screen drawings to provide rapid estimating. The users can also import a complete set of plans while merging EstimatorXpress with PlansXpress.

EstimatorXpress has come up with some bonus packs and these bonus packs are included in the NEW EstimatorXpress Ultimate Pack or are purchaseable separately at just £50 +VAT each.

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