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Monday, October 24, 2011

RS Means adds a wing to its cost database with the launch of 2012 Annual Cost Data Publications

RS Means, a trusted name in construction cost data, has been providing accurate and the latest information for construction professional. RS Means construction cost data is updated annually to avail up-to-date labor, materials and overhead costs for construction estimating projects.

RS Means adds a new update to its cost database by launching 2012 annual cost book series which contain wide-ranging data and cost estimating reference materials to provide protect against fluctuating costs and deliver more accurate estimates.

The latest update include the following features :-

Building Construction Cost Data 2012 Book: The addition of more than 23,000 unit costs of Building Construction Cost Data for building components along with new data featuring sustainable construction costs. This publication is arranged by the latest CSI MasterFormat 2010 system with restructured and developed cost data for estimating, planning and budgeting in 2012.

Assemblies Cost Data 2012: The 27th annual edition of RSMeans Assemblies Cost Data is arranged by the UNIFORMAT II classification system for reliable estimating and reporting. It contains all of the building components necessary to build up precise assembly level cost estimates, validate unit price estimates, and bring up to date reference information and cost-planning guidelines.

Electrical Cost Data 2012: Electrical Cost Data comes up with over 13,000 entirely modernized cost entries in line with the most recent products, materials, and electrical construction methods along with energy-saving light fixtures and devices, photovoltaic, and mass notification systems. The database acts as a resourceful reference to present the latest information accessible to deal with any kind of electrical estimate.

Mechanical Cost Data 2012: Mechanical Cost Data includes materials, equipment, and labor costs to generate consistent cost estimates for the most multifaceted mechanical construction projects as well as executing feasibility studies; getting labor cost data; and analyzing costs.

Plumbing Cost Data 2012: Plumbing cost data empowers customers to evaluate rapidly through specifications and takeoffs; organize estimates associated with plumbing; apply the nation’s leading database of plumbing cost information; and arrange work schedules and estimate duration times.

To know more about the 2012 cost data series, go through Look for the 2nd edition of Green Building Cost Data and more new 2012 cost data releases from RSMeans this fall.

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