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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Utilize Metrix model for effective software project duration estimation

Metrix is an easy to use stochastic model to be utilized for software project duration estimation. This model applies Monte Carlo simulation over an activity graph to deal with the project duration uncertainty.

Metrix model provides great advantages as it generates a probability distribution of the software project duration without any single estimate for duration.

Rather than focusing on probability distribution functions, Metrix model facilitates the historic duration estimation of the team members with the help of Monte Carlo simulation system.

The Metrix model remove the gap among the forecasted software project duration and the real project duration.

Metrix model can anticipate the delivery date of a project function of the chronological estimation miscalculations of the same team.

The Metrix model creates an intermission for the potential project durations and a possibility distribution. So one can view the probable project durations in conjunction with the probability that certain duration will materialize.

The components of Metrix model:-

Expertise-based component: The software developer will execute a task duration estimation to be followed with task completion.

Learning oriented component: The accurateness of estimations prevail as individual task duration estimations is mechanically adjusted with historical individual estimation errors.

Mathematical-statistical component: Monte Carlo simulation is utilized to facilitate the distribution of probability for the possible project duration.

Algorithmic component: the model contains input data with which several steps & consequences are repeated and the results are defined clearly in outputs.

By applying this model the project managers can achieve better control over the project duration, related probability of a certain duration outcome. Thus project uncertainty has been trim down to a great extent.

Metrix model applied the historic duration estimation of the team members. Similar models based on Monte Carlo simulations necessitate a duration probability distribution function for each task. The Metrix model easily eliminate the probability distribution.

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