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Monday, February 6, 2017

How to measure steel for pier, pile and circular column with circular ties

This construction video offers detailed guidelines for measuring the steel quantity in circular column, piers, and piles.

Some vital information on circular column, pier and pile :-

Circular columns are uniform about any centroidal axis. The circular column contains a smaller cross section area (0.785 times the square column) but greater second moment of area (1.178 times the square column). There is less susceptibility for Circular column to buckling and it needs little more reinforcement to bear the identical load like a square column. Besides, circular sections contain unvarying torsion characteristics. Least number of bars necessary in a circular column is 6. There does not exist any weak corners as well as stress concentration in circular columns.

A pier refers to an elevated structure usually supported with well-spaced foundation system. The foundation system ranges from a Pile, Caisson or simple brick pillar that is formed on the basis of the sub-soil condition. The Pile and Caisson are set of deep foundations.

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