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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Make your material control system superior with Jovix

Birmingham based Atlas RFID Solutions introduced a newconstruction product called Jovix™.

This newest construction technology helps construction professionals to trace materials quickly as well as productivity of direct labor and minimize the usage of material recorders.

The construction professionals will get a clear idea that their construction project gets the proper materials at the right time and in the right condition. So Jovix will facilitate the construction professionals to combat with the supplementary material control issues on the industrial construction projects.

Jovix is compatible with mobile inspections and precautionary maintenance. Besides, it can deal with and resolve oversupply, shortfall, and damage issues, as well as foresee the accessibility of materials in future through supply and demand calculation.

The latest version of Jovix (2014.2) comes with some advanced features like importing drawing data fromengineering tools and inserting and controlling attachments inside the application. Besides, the mobile tablet interface is upgraded to make it more reliable and accessible by expanding material control powers to the jobsite and keeping aside the labor-intensive, paper-based practices from the jobsite.

With Jovix, the users can undertake anticipatory maintenance activities through the tablet to get incessant clarity and control all through the whole material lifecycle ranging from fabrication through installation.

Jovix enhances project efficiencies on the whole with the positive material by providing unprecedented access to executable, up-to-date toward the accessibility, status, and location of materials in the global supply chain.

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