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Thursday, November 20, 2014

How to Estimate Remodeling Construction Costs

Cost estimating software assists estimate remodeling contractors calculate material and labour costs and produce detailed remodeling proposals. As competition for projects continues to increase and more contractors are pressured to deliver fixed-bid work, buyers are adopting modern construction estimating systems, including Web-based systems, to deliver accurate and professional proposals.

At the same time, owners are using these systems to create their own home remodeling estimates and double check the accuracy of project bids they receive. When we speak to residential contractors, the two primary criteria they have for estimating systems are: 1) that it be easy to use; and, 2) that it is affordable.

There are a number of systems that meet these criteria, but they vary in their feature breadth and sophistication. Below is a table of the top core modules you should look for as you evaluate home estimating software.

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Rajib Dey


  1. The cost of construction work is something that really stresses me out. I really appreciate knowing how much a contractor will charge before he starts doing the work. I think it's best to pay them after they've done the work so you can ensure it's being done correctly.

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