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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Building a house step by step

Description of Reinforcement, Its shape, size, thickness of the rods, the amount of cover and other data are included on the building project. My advice? Have it perform warehouse building, which has the service on offer. You will receive reinforcement made according to the design with curved corners fajkami, quickly, efficiently and cheaply. So you pay so much ...

The question arises. How much should you wait before we masonry foundation wall? After a week, the concrete gets 80% of the strength. Rozszalowujemy bench, paint dysperbitem twice - it will take 2 days. You can start with masonry.

Although the full hardness of concrete obtained only after 30 days from the spill. But bricking wall foundation is not, after all we charge our full weight benches to which they are adapted by the designer. About bricklaying wall read in another article - Bricklaying foundation walls. The costs of providing the jury will learn in the section How much does building a house.

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