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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A video taken by a drone unearth the Apple’s new Spaceship Headquarter

The awe-inspiring video that you can experience scrolling down is Apple’s new spaceship headquarter now is being prepared in Silicon Valley.

The valley, southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California in the United States, breeding ground for many acclaimed firms and home for world’s largest technological corporations has always been an attraction for the techies.

However, the under construction spaceship headquarter has added an amazement only.

This video footage that you are witnessing this moment is taken by a drone, which shows the massive construction site, reinforced concrete foundations and what looks to be the gargantuan underground car park that is designed to hide the eyesore of an outdoor parking lot.

A video taken by a drone unearth the Apple’s new Spaceship Headquarter

Brit architectural firm Foster + Perters, has designed the building. The four-storey building building would be a ‘design wonder’ for sure. The peculiar circular edifice built around a 60 hectare landscaped park. The complex will accommodate 12,000 employees.

The park at the core “would replicate the original California landscape, and parts of it would also recapture the orchards of [Silicon Valley's] past", Foster + Partners founder Sir Norman Foster told Architectural Record in an interview published, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

The late Apple cofounder, Steve Jobs, once said the aim of the project was to build "the best office building in the world".

He was speaking shortly before his death in October 2011 at a public meeting convened by the city council of Cupertino, where both Apple's existing headquarters and the new one are based.

Construction of the project, which Jobs said was inspired by the open spaces at the campus of nearby Stanford University, is not expected to be completed until 2016.

While Apple mostly works in secrecy, there is one major product that is quite public - its new headquarters. Someone flew a drone above the campus, which is still in construction, and captured the following footage. Apple's new headquarters was the last thing Steve Jobs presented publicly before dying. He described the big, circular building as looking a bit like a spaceship. As you can see, it really does look like it is going to be a spectacular and unique structure.


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