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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Software cost estimation with Construction Cost Model

Dr. Barry Boehm developed the Construction Cost Model to be applied with the large majority of software projects. It originates from the spiral model for project planning that defines four quadrants in each turn only one to three for the progress and project management.

The construction cost model includes calibration data, formulas and details of the definitions. This model is utilized to estimate the costs and planning of software projects applying existing components.

Construction Cost Model can be termed as standard for detailed cost estimates and particularly the breakdown of costs in relation to the phases of projects.
Construction Cost Model estimates is more consistent, that the project settings become well known.

This model is intended for creating a precise model of software project cost estimating the number of man months necessary for the development.

For very large projects or detail specific projects, this model performs an Alpha revision. This model is applied for rough order of magnitude estimates of software costs.

This model estimates cost applying one of three different development modes like internal, structured and restricted.

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