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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Latest electrical estimating software can smooth the work process of electrical engineers and electrical estimators

Before the commencement of any construction work, electricians and construction managers should estimate the amount and cost of electricity essential for a specific location. Now-a-days technological innovations have forced electrical contractors to adopt innovative methods to estimate the amount and cost of electricity in a better, faster and accurate way. This leads to the development of new and advanced electrical estimation software in different version for electricians, electrical engineers and electrical contractors.

These new software increase the speed, accuracy and consistency of electrical estimation. The software also makes the electrical contractors bidding process faster as it can easily find out labor costs, material costs, equipment and subcontract expense precisely equal to the particular system to appear at a bidding amount and make faster electrical pricing and estimating calculation of the job cost.

These electrical estimating software are proved to be very helpful for project manager also to establish labor resources, equipment and subcontractor requirements and schedule and track job progress.

The software also provides some great benefits to electrical estimators also to fine-tune labor units mechanically by calculating the installation difficulty factor for each item. The software is also capable of amending conduit sizes, and fix installations according to laid down format.

Benefits of electrical estimation software :-
  • Includes a huge database of electrical-specific items for electrical contractors and estimators
  • Availability of Pre-built electrical assemblies
    Detailed lists of electrical pricing of the items
  • National Electrical code tables to enable the electrical contractors tools automatically reconfigure requirements
Different kinds of electrical estimating software :-


Other useful electrical estimating softwares
Electrical Takeoff

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