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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Construction Project Management & accounting software plays a vital role for construction companies

Construction Project Management can be termed as overall planning, coordination and control of a project from commencement to completion intended for fulfilling the need of the client for generating a functionally and financially feasible project.

Now-a-days industry-specific project management software plays an important role for expanding integrated project management modules to participate with the leading stand-alone project management systems.

Construction companies can reap huge benefits by applying the Project management software in their projects. The most important benefits may range from Process Standardisation (manage job by reorganizing every step of project execution, standardising project management forms like RFIs, submittals, transmittals, change requests and business letters) , Document Control (generating a single data storage source for all project documents, creating a systematic process for documenting, tracking and following up on significant issues)  and Cost Control (providing synchronized cost data to administer costs and take profitable decisions on project, providing information on budgets, contracts, change orders  etc for making prompt evaluation of project, tracking & solving the issues like cost overruns and scheduling snags early in the project). Besides the project management software also generates executive level reporting for a single job or across all projects, field administration like punch list tracking and daily report logs, change order management and purchase order management.

Given below some exclusive project management softwares :- 

Project Administrator

It is a unique project management tool intended for administration and management of building projects. This Construction Project Management software compiles all the project related information into a solitary project management software tool. The users are able to set up their own project stages and tasks, project team details, planning and legal issues, cost plans, tender, contractor and consultant data and much more. It is like a schedule tool that contains integrated schedule of rates to facilitate the calculation of project cost.  

The software is compatible with Microsoft Project and can monitor issues, risks, action items, glossary, benefits, scope changes, budget and expenditure, benefits, roles and responsibilities, phases, and even diary notes into one database. 

This software is useful for all businesses, independent contractors, and corporations and can be utilized for Engineering project management, Construction project management and IT project management.

This software can perform with Microsoft Access and SQL Server database.

The most updated version is Project Administrator Version 6 that contains some exclusive features like New security process, Gantt chart, Able to track changes to the program, One button linking of database, the total number and completed actions for issues, risks etc, Easier management of project access.

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Construction Suite 

Construction Suite is a powerful & comprehensive multi-project construction management system designated for advanced Estimating, Job Costing / Accounting Scheduling & Calendars, Contracts, Specs, and Document Management, Insurance Tracking, Company Management etc.

The software combines estimating and project management with a construction specific CRM system to bring the most complete management system for small to medium construction firms, real Estate Developers and professional Contractors alongwith Residential and Commercial Covenants to handle with multiple projects and developments.

The software also provides wide-ranging documentation for property development for example Covenants, Standards, and Specifications to save the time required for planning stage and increase your property values and lot marketability.  

The software can also predict the company's financial inflows and outflows with Cash Flow Reporting combining construction estimating and scheduling data to compute profitability across single or multiple projects.

There are five versions of ConstructionSuite software -- Standard, Pro, Premier, Corporate and Network.

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Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project (MSP, MSOP or WinProj) is a project management software program from Microsoft ideal for scheduling as well as developing a plan, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analyzing workloads.

This estimating software focuses on Timesheets, budget and expenditure, risk management, issues, action items, documents, variations, roles and responsibilities, quality activities etc.

This estimating software is utilized for managing and recognizing project schedules and finances, providing and exchanging project information, systematizing people and work to ensure that project is finished on schedule, empowering project manager to penetrate the tasks of a project (work breakdown structure or WBS) and allocate workers (resources) to those tasks, with cost information.

The application generates critical path schedules, and critical chain and event chain methodology. Schedules can be resource leveled, and chains are envisaged in a Gantt chart.

MS Project is available in 3 different versions i.e. Microsoft Project Professional, Microsoft Project Standard and Microsoft Project Server.

This estimating software contains some exclusive features like SharePoint synchronization, Manual scheduling, Placeholder text, Active and inactive tasks, Timeline view, Team Planner, Task Inspector etc. 

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This construction management and accounting software from BuilderMT is designated for home builders to manage and streamline internal processes. The software consists of General Ledger, Job Cost Accounting, Purchasing and Scheduling data to make the home building process smooth.

ProStart Database modules are compatible with the Workflow Management Suite, Sage Timberline and Explorer Contract Manager home builder accounting software.

The software contains some unique features like General Ledger Module, Job Cost Module, Accounts Payable Module, 1500 Bill of Material Detail level items, Cash Management Module, Ten Standard Models, 100 Standard Options per Model, Generic Options, Material Classes (Purchase Order).

Download technical paper


AMSI develops StarBuilder, a windows-based construction management and accounting software to deal with construction payroll, construction job contract, job cost, job reporting, cash flow management, cost coding and project management. 

The software contains the information for each job contract’s labor and material costs, subcontractor’s performance and cash position.

The software consists of some incorporated modules that includes equipment costing, inventory, document control, and AIA and T&M Billings.

This construction management software also contains huge range of optional add-on modules. Click the following links to get the add on.
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