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Thursday, August 25, 2011

DraftLogic Electrical & ConEst IntelliBid 7.0 are now integrated to make electrical estimating process 14 time faster

DraftLogic Electrical, the leading electrical design software is now seamlessly integrated with ConEst IntelliBid 7.0 to feed all line voltage elements of an electrical design into electrical estimating software mechanically. Now electrical systems design, takeoff, and estimating will be put in under one roof.   

This combination will provide some great benefits to electrical designers and estimators as they can easily verify and optimize their estimate because there is NO counting, NO scaling, NO measuring, and NO take off work for line voltage systems.

The electrical designers and estimators will be able to create a completed electrical design and estimate from an architectural floor plan fourteen times faster.  

By utilizing this combination DraftLogic Electrical users can export all elements (devices, feeders, and branch circuit wiring as well as luminaires, receptacles, and motors) of their electrical design with associated details into ConEst IntelliBid's count sheets to get rid of manual counting and data entry.

Panel schedules for every panel and every circuit are settled.  Every interconnection from every Branch Circuit wiring run is settled together with support for DraftLogic Electrical's multiple circuit home run groupings facilitating the estimator not to perform any take-off and scaling work.  Vast detail about each piece of switch gear, motor, and feeder is fed into their respective count sheets, saving thousands of keystrokes.

Watch this video for live presentation

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