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Monday, August 29, 2011

The American Concrete Institute recently publish 318-11 building code

The American Concrete Institute has launched ACI 318-11 to be applied for all concrete design, construction, inspection, repair, and research professionals. The new publication includes most updated code necessary for concrete building design and construction together with the corresponding commentary.

ACI 318-11 will provide a great assistance to Engineers, architects, contractors, specifiers, building officials, students, and professors.

Key features of  ACI 318-11:
There are advancements for Reinforcement detailing for seismic applications which include reinforcement detailing for distinct segments of special structural wall systems, detailing of horizontal bars at special boundary elements, and tightened confinement details for flexural hinge regions of large beams.

In order to verify the concentration of dissolved sulfates in water, brackish water, or seawater, Test methods ASTM D516 and D4130 should be applied and to find out percent sulfate by mass in soil ASTM C1580 should be followed.

Recently accessible bend bar types are incorporated into proper provisions. Grade 80 bend bars in compliance with ASTM A615 or A706 should be utilized for non-seismic applications. Zinc and epoxy dual-coated reinforcing bars per ASTM A1055 are also now recognized.

Test records required to find out standard variation for a mixture design should be up to 24 months old. In order to execute acceptance testing of concrete  the testing agencies must adhere to ASTM C1077.

Detailing requirements for ties for circular columns have been explained thoroughly and addition made for minimum reinforcement of deep beams.

There are amendments for Detailing requirements of temperature and shrinkage reinforcement for post-tensioned slabs.

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