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Friday, July 15, 2011

Sage include a new SQL Server database to it's Sage Timberline Estimating software

Sage North America, a part of The Sage Group plc and a leading provider of business management software and services, just released a new estimating solution to aid contractors to win more jobs and maximize Profit.

Sage developed a Microsoft's scalable, SQL Server database backend to its Sage Timberline Estimating product. Now-a-days Sage Timberline Estimating is considered as the most extensively-used estimating product in the construction market.

The latest SQL version will increase productivity and create & manage estimate quickly in an automated way. It will also execute enhanced data analysis and management and keep all estimates in one location. The estimator will be able to access, manage and back all the data easily.
Sage employs Microsoft's .NET framework to model businesses processes and construct a very visual, user-friendly interface with the same look and feel across modules.

Jon Witty, general manager of Sage Construction and Real Estate, pronounces the product "a welcome replacement for underpowered estimating solutions and generic spreadsheets."

Sage Timberline Estimating do away with unnecessary data entry and error-prone processes facilitating projects to run proficiently from preliminary estimate to project achievement.

Sage Timberline Estimating come up with some advancement like a Subcontractor Bid Grid, Variable, customizable pricing, industry specific databases, and custom reporting options.

With 'Subcontractor Bid Grid option the software can store, analyze, and select subcontractor bids and quotes by individual item or groups of items. The Users will get the ability to log each subcontractor's name, bid quantity, unit price, total bid amount, and additional notes in the pop-up grid. From there, users click on the bid to utilize and it's added to the estimate.


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