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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BIM authorizing estimating software can enhance the estimating process to a great extent

Building Information Modeling (BIM) generates a complete digital model of the building that can produce exact bill of material and cost estimate along with coordinated drawings and details.

A conceptual building information model can provide a quick feedback on several design assumptions as the model contains components with historical cost data, productivity data and other estimating data.

BIM based estimating process can also cut down overall contingency and dependability and cause huge savings in profit.

In an BIM based estimating & takeoff system the design model is linked with estimating process and the quantity takeoff along with overall estimating process is greatly enhanced. The faster feedback on proposed design changes can be easily achieved.

CostX®, a complete construction estimating solution for estimators to employ the most advanced on-screen measurement system with BIM to extradite better results to clients.

With its 3D graphics capability CostX® can rapidly and precisely take off quantities from 2D drawings and bring forth automatic quantities from 3D BIM models. Prepare estimates, bills of quantities and tenders easily and all in a fraction of the time and cost.

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SmartBIM QTO from RSMeans, is contrived for architects and designers to estimate or refine costs swiftly for a project. The software provides early cost estimation for Revit projects. As a project changes, the architects get the ability to carry cost estimates for various design options to alleviate “what-if” scenarios. After the formation, any line item can be edited manually allowing users to input their own costs or further refine the estimate using the RSMeans CostWorks® database.

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DProfiler is a one kind of building information modeling (BIM) software, cognized “macro BIM,” that can generate the 3D conceptual models with detailed estimates. The software is applied in the planning and conceptual design stages to develop a precise and concurrent cost estimate of a projected design.

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Vico Cost Planner
Vico Cost Planner™ provides the model-based quantities for cost calculation, estimating, and value engineering module in the Vico Office Suite. The software has the ability to make highly precise estimates in less time.

With an evolutionary approach, Cost Planner provides uninterrupted cost feedback across all project stages commencing with a costing scheme at the business development stage and progressively increasing in coarseness as more specific data and accurate quantities are accessible from the 3D BIM model.

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Vico Cost Explorer
Vico Cost Explorer™ provides visual monitoring system with which a estimator can quickly hold and transmit project cost variances, compare them to targeted costs and track cost drivers.

Cost Explorer provides online feedback ceaselessly about the status of your project and get better communicating and understanding of cost changes. The bidirectional link that connects the Cost Explorer, the 3D model and the Assembly-Component views offers rapid visual feedback for cost issues be present in the project.

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Innovaya Visual Estimating
By utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) system, Innovaya Visual Estimating delivers the most authoritative and accurate cost estimating solutions by transporting objects from Autodesk’s and Tekla's BIM applications to MC2 ICE and Sage Timberline. The software is compatible with Autodesk Revit®,AutoCAD Architecture/MEP, and Tekla® Structure.

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  1. Great post! It sounds like software that I would like to try! I also am thinking of trying this bim software that my friend had told me about!