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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Various types of measuring units found in building construction

Types of measuring units used in the following items of Building Construction.

Earth Work in Excavation and Filling, Brick Flat Soling, Mass Concrete Work, RCC Work, Plaster and Pointing Work, Patent Stone and DPC, Mosaic and Tiles Work, Wood Work, Lime Terracing and Water Proofing on Roof, White Washing, Color Washing, Distempering, Painting and Varnishing.

1. Mining Work Unit: The measurement for soil digging is performed in cubic feet. It means three-dimensional quantity can be found if you multiply the length, width and height or depth. Unit = cubic feet alias “cft’’.
2. Soil Filling Work Unit: The measurement of soil filling is done in cubic feet alias “cft’’.
3. Brick Flat Soling Work Unit: Flat soling in brickwork is measured in square feet, or “sft”.
4. Concrete Work Unit: The measuring unit of concrete work is provided in cubic feet alias “cft’’.
5. RCC Work Unit: The measuring unit of RCC work is given in cubic feet alias “cft’’.
6. Brick Work Unit: Single brick or more bricks work is calculated in cubic feet alias “cft’’. Partition walls or half-brick walls are measured in square feet alias “sft”.
7. Plaster And Pointing Work Unit: The measuring unit of plaster and pointing work is given in square feet, or “sft”.
8. Patent Stone and DPC Unit: The measuring unit is provided in Square Feet, or “sft”.
9. Mosaic and Tiles Work Unit: The measuring unit for mosaic and tiles work in given in square feet, or “sft”.
10. Wood Work Unit: The volume of the door and window frames work is estimated in cubic feet alias “cft’’.
The door and the window panels wood work is estimated in square feet alias “sft”.
11. Lime Terracing Work Unit: The measuring unit of time terracing work is given in square feet alias “sft”
12. The Working Unit of Finishing: Surface finishing works are calculated in the following units:
i. White Washing Unit= Square Feet, or “sft”.
ii. Color Washing Unit= Square Feet, or “sft”.
iii. Distempering Unit= Square Feet, or “sft”.
iv. Painting Unit= Square Feet, or “sft”.
v. Varnishing Unit= Square Feet, or “sft”.

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