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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

How to choose pile foundation on the basis of cost versus other foundations for construction project

Get detailed information on how to choose the pile foundations on the basis of cost vs. other foundations for construction projects and factors which impact the cost of pile foundation.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for structural designer to take stable decision to select types of foundations like pile foundation or ordinary strip or mat foundation to be used for the structure.

The problem becomes acute while going to choose among pile foundation and traditional mat or strip foundation developed in a deeper level to fit a soil layer having desirable bearing strength.
There should be an indicator for all construction conditions under which the use of pile foundation is considered as inexpensive with reference to traditional strip and mat foundations.
This article will focus on the variations through which the decision for choosing of pile foundation over other foundation types can be taken without difficulty. This condition line is formed on the reasonably detailed cost appraisal of the foundation. The foundation cost is impacted by the following factors :-
Factors impacting the cost of Pile Foundation
Evidently, final decision for employing the type of foundation, cannot be taken on the basis of the calculation of excavation volume and concrete quantity of deep mat or strip foundation with regard to cost of piles that support the same load.

A cap is needed for Pile foundation. The density of the cap should be approx 45cm for two piles and 60cm to 120cm for two pair of piles. Plan dimensions of piling cap should be up to 2100mm2 for pile having diameter of 550mm.
With tie beams provided over one direction, the Pile caps are joined together using tie beams in more than one direction.
It is found that, the excavation cost of pile cap along with capping beams and tie beams is two times the cost of machine excavation in moderately large column bases. With the advancement of construction, the perfect structural design as well as stringent supervision is required for pile foundation.

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How to choose pile foundation on the basis of cost versus other foundations for construction project

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