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Friday, July 14, 2017

How to estimate the quantity or number of dump trucks necessary for cut & filling of soil

This construction video tutorial provides detailed guidelines for computing the quantity or number of dump trucks essential for cut filling of soil.

Cutting and filling stands for the method of shifting soil from one place to another for leveling the ground properly.

A ‘cut’ is formed if the soil is cut from beyond the required ground height and a ‘fill’ is formed if the soil is employed to stuff a hole to preferred ground level. Cutting and filling is most recognized method that is applied to develop a uniform ground surface.
There is a risk associated with cutting and filling the land specifically when the desired land for filling is utilized for your house foundations. Each time earth is shifted the natural compaction is affected, and soil under this condition is frequently defined as ‘fluffed’ or ‘aerated’.
The soil should be compacted to resist settling so that it becomes safe for being used in foundation. If it's improperly compacted, settling soil can lead to cracked foundations.
Cutting and filling is usually done with earth moving equipment like skid-steer loaders or bulldozers. Based on the size and shape of your site, it is recommended to apply a drum roll style compactor or a plate compactor.

To get the complete calculation process, watch the following video.

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