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Thursday, October 13, 2016

How to use excel for carrying out complex engineering calculations for structural analysis

This construction video is extracted from a construction course conducted by GrSoft Structural Engineering. This course will provide guidance on how to use Microsoft Excel to resolve complicated engineering calculations. In excel, there is powerful programming capabilities to solve all the engineering calculations easily.

Excel contains various input parameters which can be entered on a very easy and a rapid way. Besides, there is also a simple sketch that can be used as a graphical illustration of the basis of calculation having annotations of input parameters. The engineers can also apply the simple mathematical process as well as write various complicated formulas or iterations. Generate your own customized engineering calculations quickly. Update formulas in your calculation when necessary. Excel provides open-source solution with robust programmable tools.

Learning Objective:

- How to generate cells where input parameters are inputted
- How to produce a sketch with annotations of input parameters
- How to arrange cells where results of calculation will be written
- How to generate a push button to initiate start of the calculation
- How to write code to execute calculation
- How to write code to show the outcomes of the calculation
- How to carry out calculation
- How to customize excel for creating practical engineering calculation for structural analysis

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