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Monday, October 12, 2015

Types of Beams in Construction and their definitions

Beam refers to a structural member and it is positioned laterally. When any load is delivered to it, Beam easily withstands the bending.

In a RCC beam there exist different types of components like wood, steel, aluminum, etc. Generally RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) is used as material in RCC beam. Based on the various factors, different sorts of RCC beam are available in the market. As for instance, Beam becomes rectangular, T-beam according to its shape. Beam is called double reinforced, single reinforced on the basis of reinforcement positioning.

Based on their supporting systems, RCC are available with 4 different types :-
  • Simply supported beam or simple beam
  • Semi-continuous beam
  • Continuous beam, and
  • Cantilever beam.
Given below their brief definition :-

Simple beam: It consists of a single length. It is sustained with two supports at either ends.

Semi-continuous beam: This beam doesn't contain more than two lengths. It is sustained with not more than three supports. In technical term, it is called as a continuous beam.

Continuous beam: This type of beam contains over two spans and it is sustained with more than three supports along its length. The supports are provided in one perpendicular line thus the spans are also in a perpendicular line.

Cantilever beam: It contains one support in one end and another end is exposed.

Another sort of beam exists in civil engineering field that is known as over-hanging beam. This beam expands behind its supports. In fact, this beam is created with the amalgamation of simply supported and cantilever beam.

Types of Beams in Construction and their definitions

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