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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Robot Structural Analysis 2014 tutorial part 1

he new improved Robot Structural Analysis 2014 is advanced structural analysis software that offers structural engineers with advanced building simulation and structural element analysis capabilities for large, complex structures. The software provides a smooth workflow, helping engineers to perform simulation and analysis of a variety of structures quickly and easily. Some of its various features are as follows:

1. Flexible solving options
2. Wind load simulation
3. Direct Analysis Method
4. Bidirectional link with Revit
5. Advanced auto-meshing and structural modeling
6. Localized for global markets
7. Materials and design codes support
8. Integrated solution for concrete and steel
9. Open and flexible API
10.Structural loads and load combinations
11.Wide range of analysis capabilities
12.Engineering analysis solvers
13.Reporting analysis results support


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