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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Trimble makes an integration among all its estimating software applications

Trimble just introduces software data assimilation aptitude connecting its all planning, estimating and management software applications. The general contractors as well as capital construction project owners will now be capable of developing more preciousness and clarity regarding conceptual, detailed time and cost-modeling estimates. Trimble is introducing most updated five new software versions under Trimble Buildings' Design-Build-Operate (DBO) portfolio offering huge scopes to plan, record and acquire cost and work frameworks before, during and after construction projects. These newly launched products will facilitate the general and building contractors to retain their projects on track, on schedule, and within budget.

The details of the newly launched software applications are given below :

  • WinEst 15.0 -- It is a database-motivated software that includes a extremely adjustable spreadsheet for generating, fine-tuning and providing cost estimates.

  • Modelogix 3.2 – It is ideal for accumulating and evaluating past-project data and creating extensive cost models for forthcoming projects.

  • Prolog 9.6.1 – It is a project-management and cost-control software which provides great benefits to general contractors (GCs) and construction managers by systematizing project workflows and giving access to information from any place.

  • Proliance 5.5 Office Application Pack – Microsoft Office extensions for Proliance software, amalgamating capital planning, program as well as project management skills. 

  • Vico Office 4.2 – It is a virtual construction software, expanding 3D models with constructability analysis and coordination, location-based quantity takeoff, 4D (time) scheduling and production control, and 5D (cost) estimating.

These new versions of WinEst, Modelogix, Prolog, Proliance and Vico Office and any further information regarding these products can be accessed at Updates on Vico Office will be available at

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