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Friday, July 26, 2013

Some essential books for construction estimating

Construction Estimating using Excel

Steven Peterson, MBA,PE, from Weber State University has written this book. This estimating book facilitates construction professional/estimator/engineer to acquire basic fundamental of estimating which involves drawing sets, practical lessons, and instances. This book provides solutions to the newbie as well as experienced estimators to combat with complicated estimating experience and enhanced their skills. 

The book also focuses on gradual estimating procedures, analyzing the art of estimating, the quantity takeoff, how to place costs to the estimate and how to work out the bid. 

Besides, the book also briefly describe how Microsoft Excel can be applied to augment the estimating procedure and as a medium of developing estimating productivity and accuracy efficiently.

Estimating with Microsoft Excel, 3rd Edition

Jay Christofferson has presented this unique book which provides you step-by-step guidance for generating an estimating workbook which will manage your valuable time and help you to find out costly errors.

The book also contains some useful formulas to compute concrete, rebar, labor, permits, taxes, and more, and provides instructions to utilize them in your day-to-day construction project management.

This book also facilitates you to make databases, create formulas, and become experts with shortcuts to reduce laborious & unnecessary steps and monotonous work. The book will be a great help to increase your profit margin.


Published by Rajib Dey
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