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Friday, July 12, 2013

Resensys’ sensor, a useful construction technology to preserve structural integrity

It is very much important to monitor and maintain the integrity of construction structure. But it is not always possible to detect when should a building/bridge requires any maintenance, repair work to maintain the safety. If engineers are unable to find out the probable red flags, then it becomes difficult to rectify them. It results in disaster.

With the application of realtime, wireless structural health detection system, Resensys' system facilitates engineers to highlight signs of disaster and provides valuable information on the structure. Resensys’ system aids to detect measurable and significant changes within a structure through a series of tiny, networked sensors strategically set up with a structure.

 The system can easily find out the overstrained or deformed, irreversible shifts or transformations inside a structure in order to undertake any repairs or adjustments. Recess sensors contain fairly low maintenance and it has the capability to draw power from ambient light and radio waves. A battery-operated option is also available.

Resensys sensor is becoming very popular among structural engineers for the smooth installation process, long-lasting durability and competitive cost.

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