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Friday, June 2, 2017

How to estimate materials for a underground sewer pipe

By watching this construction video tutorial, one can learn how to make calculation for sewer line in a building construction.
In fact the sewer line belongs to an underground pipe that works to discharge sewage from residential building or residential area as well as commercial buildings or any other type buildings.
On the basis of materials, there exist different types of sewer pipes like clay pipe, concrete pipe, cast iron & transite pipe, orangeberg and plastic PVC or ABS.
The video covers the following topics :-
1) Excavation.
2) Dry bajri at the base of trench.
3) How many number of pipes?.
4) How many joints?
5) Refilling of trench?
In this video tutorial, the solution is given to the following problem :-

Problem : Calculate materials for sewer line having length 300 ft. The length of the pipe is 6 ft. The sewer line also contains a slope of 1:200. Guess the ground as level.

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