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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Spreadsheet based calculation to model water flow in a double pipe heat exchanger

Douglas Price presents an video useful for the chemical engineering students. By undergoing this youtube video, one can learn how to make calculation through an excel based spreadsheet to model hot and cold water flow in double pipe heat exchanger.

The experimental and theoretical study of heat exchange is very vital for chemical and mechanical engineering students.

Temperature is characterized as the amount of energy that a substance contains. Heat exchangers can be applied for transmitting that energy from one substance to another. In process units, the temperature must be controlled for inward and outward streams. These streams range from either gases or liquids. Heat exchangers increase or decrease the temperature of these streams by transmitting heat to or from the stream.

The double-pipe heat exchanger refers to the most easiest types of heat exchangers. It is known as double-pipe exchanger as one fluid runs inside a pipe and the other fluid runs connecting that pipe and another pipe that encircles the first. Flow in a double-pipe heat exchanger is co-current or counter-current. There exist two flow configurations: co-current means when the flow of the two streams run in the identical direction, counter current means when the flow of the streams run in reverse directions.

Pipe Heat Exchanger Excel Calculation

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