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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Steel Surface Area Estimation Spreadsheet

Steel Surface Area Estimation Spreadsheet
While preparing this estimating spreadsheet, suggestions was taken from the American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc., AISC Marketing, LLC, and the Steel Solutions Center, LLC. Thisconstruction estimating sheet is not intended for conventional usages the same as an engineering or construction document.

Before specific application, the correctness, aptness and suitability should be judged through a proficient professional assessment and authentication by a licensed engineer, architect or other professional.

This cost estimation sheet is very useful for estimating the surface area of structural steel members like beam, grider, column, bolts and welds as well as drawing, fabrication, delivery, welding, painting, erection etc.

The spreadsheet is ideal for all types of steel framing systems ranging from Steel beam construction,Steel beams and open web joists construction, Steel beam and truss construction and Rigid Frame construction.

With this spreadsheet, the structural engineers can gather knowledge on each phase of the steel estimating progression which varies from scoping out the project and assigning material and finish requirements during takeoff and bidding.

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