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Thursday, May 22, 2014

General Construction Estimate Spreadsheet

General Construction Estimate Spreadsheet is Microsoft excel workbook that can be edited completely. This estimating spreadsheet is formed with 16 division CSI Master format. The sheet includes numerous quantities, and unit costs associated with labor, material, and subcontractor. By applying this spreadsheet, one can figure out totals as well as provide a sales tax rate, overhead mark-up rate, performance and payment bonds, insurance, profit, contingencies, business license, permit etc.

The spreadsheet contains the following features:
  • Comes with 16 divisions scheduled on the Estimate Worksheet compliant with the CSI Masterformat 1995 Edition.

  • The complete Worksheet consists of a section for inserting a performance and payment bond based on the users input limits and rates per thousands. Once the bond rates and limits are assigned by the users, a P&P bond can be affixed by simply clicking a check box.
  • Payroll Taxes and Insurance (Labor Burden) rate can be assigned to all items narrated in the "Labor" Column of the Estimate Worksheet.
  • Material Tax rate can be assigned to all items mentioined in the "Material" Column of the Estimate Worksheet.
  • Both PT&I (Labor Burden) and Material Tax are distributed from the Totals Worksheet to the individual activities on the Estimate Worksheet by marking a checkbox.
  • The General Construction Estimate template will also work out a square foot cost breakdown on the Totals Worksheet on the basis of the total square feet submitted by the user on the Estimate Worksheet.
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  3. I'm glad they can explain this on a spreadsheet. I have never been able to understand general construction. There's just so much going on, I never know where to start.

  4. This is an amazing way to organize construction costs and compare them to other estimates. The trick to comparing prices is making sure they're actually comparable. That sounds fairly intuitive, but costs and profits are distributed throughout the estimate in different ways by different contractors. I can see the value in having an estimator go through and estimate the cost of the home project and then make it comparable to the bids you already have.

  5. Very informative post for more details on construction related estimation using excel NAHB's this text might help you.